Rememberance Day



When I opened my eyes, and looked at the clock. It was 9:30am in the Monday morning. After breakfast, I walked outside of my house. It was unusual because the street was so quite and I feel a little nervous. No one was walking on the street.

Suddenly, I realized that today was Rememberance Day in Canada, which is meaningful and significant for Canadian. Many people was wearing poppies on their clothes and went to the service station to remember to soldiers who died on the World War 1 & 2. On 11:00am, all people stand up and silent for a minute to remember the death people.

This is my second time for Rememberance day in Canada. I saw the video about those wars. Shooting, blooding and dying, you can imagine how terrible and sad. Soldiers fought for freedom and our better life. We have this duty to remember and respect them.

I lied on my bed, and watched the sky. Many stars were close to each other and shine. I remember that my grandpa told me that when you remembering someone, look at the shining stars. They are looking at you.


A place I would like to go in Vancouver


image        I have been in Vancouver since 2011. As a Chinese in Vancouver, I think Vancouver is not interesting to me. But only one place I would like to go is Metrotown. It is located in Burnaby where I used to live when I first arrived in Vancouver. Metrotown is the biggest shopping mall in Vancouver.  When I first time to go to metrotown, I spent one day just for window shopping, but it was not enough for me to finish. I usually go there for shopping, watching movies, and also staying in a coffee shop and read books with my friends or families. We have a lot of fun and I would like to go there more than 4 times a week. I lived near MacDonald at Kingsway which was convenient for me to go there. I would like to introduce this place to you is not only because I love to go, also is a shopping paradise.